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• MARRIAGE COUNSELING (successful marriage - November 2020)

A successful marriage supports the growth and strength of both partners. Each partner brings a unique strength and weakness to the union. The key is each partner learning how to manage their own past without throwing it up on the current marriage. Learn to look at your partner and truly see that person.

Ask yourself: What do I really know about my spouse? Did I ask pertinent questions and do my research before I signed the marriage contract with this person? What are the specific issues facing us today? What can I do now to help correct the fears/problems? Am I willing to do an honest evaluation of my contribution to these problems? Do I believe this marriage is worth the effort?

Marriage is a legal contract. If you doubt that, attempt to get out of it without legal procedures. Marriage can also be a contract that helps us feel more secure that we have someone who is on our side. Someone who will be there for you. Someone to share the enjoyable times and the miserable times. A partner to help you evaluate a situation and problem solve – sometimes two heads are better than one if you are on the same side.

A marriage requires an investment of time, energy, love, commitment, sexual faithfulness, humility, patience, forgiveness, honesty, trust, communication, generosity and kindness. Wow – that’s a lot. However, if you and the other person are willing to make an investment, people tell me that it is worth the effort. You will have a true friend with fringe benefits.

Life is filled with choices and we can learn Skills to make wise choices. You decide who and what you want in your life.

Learn Cognitive Behavioral Skills to:
Communicate Effectively
Problem Solve
Team Play/Work

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