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Thoughts lead to
Feelings lead to

“I think, therefore I feel.”

Lisa H. Lang, Ph.D.

Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

I am a Cognitive Behavioral therapist and life coach and have been in practice for over 30 years. I have all three Texas licenses: LPC, LMFT, and LMSW. I taught at the Master’s level at the University of Texas at Arlington. I trained many other therapists in the cognitive behavioral approach for counseling and life coaching. I have worked with adults, adolescents, and children in individual settings and as families and large groups.

As a Cognitive Behavioral therapist and life coach, I currently teach clients Skills so they will be able to communicate effectively, problem solve, and team play/work using a variety of techniques, including hypnosis. I will help you learn to Focus on the Facts, live in the present moment, resolve issues from your past and move forward in a healthy and productive manner.

I use a cognitive behavioral comprehensive structured treatment approach based on social learning theory using cognitive restructuring methods and behavioral techniques. Behavioral methods are primarily directed at reducing anxiety and unhealthy behaviors. As the client learns skills to communicate effectively and problem solve, they will be able to be an effective and willing team member at home, school, and other situations and environments.


Licensed Professional Counselor – Texas
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist – Texas
Licensed Masters Social Worker – Texas

Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist
Certified Anxiety Disorders Therapist
Certified Cognitive Behavioral Child Therapist
Certified Rational Addictions Therapist
Certified Rational Sex Therapist
Certified Cognitive Forensic Therapist

National Board for Certified Counselors
American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists


National Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapists
American Counseling Association
American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH)
National Clinical Hypnotherapists
North Texas Society of Clinical Hypnosis
The American Association of Grief Counselors
International Association of Addiction and Offender Counselors
International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors
Association for Adult Development and Aging
National Association of Social Workers
Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling
The American Academy of Clinical Sexologists


Relationships (family and other)
Communication and Self-Esteem
Stress and Anxiety (including panic and OCD)
Depression and Loss/Grief Counseling (including PTSD)
Addictions (including alcohol)
Eating Disorders
Trauma Recovery
Human Sexuality


I am a Cognitive Behavioral therapist and life coach. I teach clients how to communicate effectively, problem solve, and work as a team. These are the skills most needed to live a happy and healthy life, as a person learns to resolve the issues listed above. Adults and children are adept at learning these skills – when they choose. I amend the sessions and homework appropriately for each age group.

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Lisa H. Lang Ph.D. is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) & marriage and family therapist (LMFT) located in Flower Mound, TX with over 30 years experience. She is a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and life coach offering psychotherapy, hypnosis, and other solutions to those seeking counseling. Dr. Lang is conveniently located to residents of Flower Mound, Lewisville, Carrollton, Southlake, Grapevine, Coppell, and the Dallas/Fort Worth area.