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Anxiety is a feeling of fear or dread

There are psychological and physical symptoms. It is a normal reaction to stress when you are faced with a difficult problem or worrying about things/events that you have no or little control over.

You may have trouble concentrating or making decisions or feel irritable or have physical symptoms such as heart palpitations, sweating, trembling or have trouble sleeping. There is a sense of impending danger or doom—-creating a panicky feeling. You may believe the world is speeding up or slowing down. You may think that other people can see that you are anxious and are looking at you, so you feel embarrassed.

Anxiety usually goes away when the triggering event is over. However, it may recur when there are certain life circumstances. It may become a long-term condition that interferes with your life daily.

Remember: Thoughts lead to feelings that lead to outward behaviors. Stress is an emotional response (feeling) based on a mental interpretation (thought) of an event. We feel anxious – we do not think stress and anxiety.

You may stop and think clearly by using questions that help you evaluate a situation more calmly. Ask questions that get you specific answers vs “what if” questions. You may ask questions such as: What am I telling myself about this situation; What facts do I have to back up my thinking; Who might help me solve this problem; How might I look at this problem/situation differently, i.e., more logically.

Cognitive Behavioral therapy is one of the most effective treatments for anxiety disorders. CBT is based on the theory that what we think and how we act directly influences the way we feel. By altering thinking that is distorted, and behavior that is not productive to our needs, we can change our emotions and our lives.

Learn Cognitive Behavioral Skills to:
Communicate Effectively
Problem Solve
Team Play/Work

Setting Boundaries with Self & Others

Boundaries are established when a person sets a limit that defines them as separate from others. This boundary may be     in personal or professional relationships. It may be a mental/emotional boundary or a physical boundary. Deciding how you allow another person to talk to or with you may be a mental/emotional boundary. A physical boundary may be requiring someone to ask permission before they...

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Teens – Maintaining Self in a Socially Complex Time

Today teens are faced with blurred lines between real and fake self-expression. It is difficult for them to take the beginning steps to consider self-knowledge, truthfulness, and other building blocks as they move to personal growth. As they function with greater genuineness, they become more aware of the many aspects of themselves. It is difficult for teens to think about themselves first,...

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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

OCD is a type of anxiety disorder distinguished by intrusive and frequent obsessions and repetitive and ritualistic behaviors. People with OCD believe they are driven to do things to relieve stress and feel better. This is very difficult for them because the urges will come back again. This disorder is often accompanied by shame or other feelings of embarrassment related to the symptoms of the...

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