Grief is an altered state of consciousness that we have experienced sometime in our lives. It is a natural response to loss of someone or something that we have attached affection and a belief that we cannot or do not want to live without. Grief is different from depression. Grief appears to be emptiness with many memories and depression is a more hollow emptiness. Grief is more active in our mind. Depression feels more vacant. Sometimes they seem to be opposites to a loss.

There are many memories that live within grief. It is difficult to believe our linear thinking brain can have two seemingly contradictory perspectives simultaneously. It is possible when we learn to calm our thinking and view the event from a different space and time. The painful experience will still be encoded in our memory; however, it is possible to learn how to incorporate that memory into other grateful experiences. We can learn to appreciate the time spent with the loved one and learn to move forward with a different perspective of self and life.

We can meet new people and engage in new events. Moving past a loss is extremely difficult. Easier said than done. However, we can learn skills to help us move forward with new experiences and still keep the memories with sincere appreciation for having had those past experiences.

I know that is not an easy task. However, I believe it is possible with continued practice of the Skills. You get to decide if you are worth the effort to manage this loss in a way that will help you move forward with appreciation for your life.

Learn Cognitive Behavioral Skills to:
Communicate Effectively
Problem Solve
Team Play/Work