Stress is an emotional response based on a mental interpretation of an event. Living in the past creates stress. Think in terms of NOW and what I am capable of doing to change the situation to be more calming and productive. Evaluate the situation using facts vs emotions.

Ask: What have I done in the past that was helpful in a similar situation and how can I use that information in the present? What can I do now to turn this into an opportunity vs stressing about what I cannot do? Who may be able to help me solve this issue? How can I organize my thoughts and behaviors to solve this problem?

Now, you are moving from being stuck in the past to problem solving in the present moment. Sometimes it may be frightening to think “I have to move forward.”; however, you may consider all the capabilities you have now and how you may use them in this situation. Sometimes we have thoughts of failure when faced with a new and demanding decision.

STOP – look at the Facts; evaluate the situation based on your desired outcome. Often we have more choices and capabilities than we thought. Stress is inevitable; however, we have choices of how we interpret any event. We can lessen the magnitude of the stress. Stress is an emotion. Stop and think clearly.

Remember: Thoughts lead to feeling that lead to behaviors.

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